There are several options open to you in terms of financing your IESE MiM. As an IESE student you may be eligible to apply for a number of loans, including the MiM Global Loan.

You can find information about IESE loans and scholarships, support and answers to your questions at the Financial Aid Office. Our team will work with you to help you make an informed decision on financing your Master in Management.

Loan Programs

The Global Loan is the result of a partnership between IESE Business School and Banco Sabadell, Spain’s fourth-largest bank. It provides financing towards tuition fees. More than 1500 students have financed their studies through the loan since 2004.

The loan aims to ensure that there are financial options available for any exceptional individual with the potential to become a world-class manager.

General Conditions & Highlights:

  1. Maximum amount: Up to 80 percent of the tuition fee as long as the student meets the bank application requirements. 100 percent can be met with extra guarantees.
  2. Repayment period: 8 years
  3. Capital deferment: first 2 years
  4. Very competitive interest rates

Please click here to download Bank’s Sabadell Brochures. You can apply for the loan through the website or at any branch of Banco Sabadell. Additionally, the application can be submitted to the bank by filling out the pdf and sending it to the bank by email: with attachments.

Please consult the Documentation Global Loan to see the list of documents required. You can also see how the application process works by clicking here.

For more information please contact the Financial Aid Office or Bank Sabadell directly (email:, tel: 902 323 000).


IESE Business School works with Prodigy Finance to offer an innovative lending model providing community-funded loans to international students. Accepted students into the full-time MBA program are eligible to apply.

The loan provides financing towards tuition fees through the assessment of applicants’ future earning potential (based on the past achievements of similar graduates) to determine loan affordability.

The Prodigy program is applicable to 150 nationalities.

General Conditions & Highlights:

  1. Maximum amount: 80% Cost of Attendance.
  2. No collateral nor guarantees are required.
  3. Repayment period: 7 or 10 years, with no penalties for early repayment.
  4. Capital deferment: 6 months grace period (after class finishes) for the MBA.
  5. Competitive interest rates vary depending on individual applicants.

Please click here to download Prodigy Finance’s Brochure. See more detail about the terms and conditions, and how to apply for a loan on Prodigy Finance’s website. For more information please contact the Financial Aid Office.


IESE Business School is registered at the U.S. Department of Education as an accredited foreign school and participates in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan program. Eligible students may apply for the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan and Federal Direct PLUS Loan and may borrow up to their full cost of attendance for their program minus any other financial aid received.

General Conditions & Highlights:

According to the U.S. Department of Education requirements, IESE Business School makes available to prospective and enrolled students information about the following policies:

  1. Consumer Information Disclosure
  2. Return of Title IV Funds Policy, by IESE Business School
  3. Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Important Restriction:

Students funded with D. William Ford Federal Direct Loan program have restrictions according to the U.S. Department of Education’s Rules. Students of the Full-time MBA program are not allowed to attend the international module in New York and the exchange programs in U.S. nor any other ineligible school. Additionally, Full-time MBA students are not allowed to attend the internship that takes place in U.S. Also this funding is not available for Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) students and other programs such as Executive MBA, PhD and other non- degree programs (such as Executive Education programs) are ineligible programs to US borrowers.

Information about loans can be found at the Federal Student Aid website and by contacting Financial Aid Office.

 Sallie Mae helps U.S. citizens to save, plan, and pay for their education. Their Graduate Student Loans are available to American students at IESE. 
Americans who qualify can apply for benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs G.I. Bill.
Canadian students may be eligible for government student loans.

Please click here to download all Financial Aid Brochures. Before applying any loan, we suggest to read FAO Best practices on student loan. For more information please contact the Financial Aid Office.